I'm No Longer on LinkedIn; Find me on Bizfluence

LinkedIn got too non-business related and I apparently got flagged not for posts but for comments on posts they should have removed.  Plus it seems they want to cater to children instead of adults, which I'm not for so you can find me on a platform that's working hard on getting an app and vows to go back to the old days of business networking.

My profile link is: https://bizfluenceapp.com/user/monica_trombley

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Check Out My Podcast


The name may change later on but I've just started on this and am trying to be diligent in spite of the pandemic and resulting upheaval of life.  Let's be real, most people have been dealing with life changes due to this.  This was way overdue to link to.  Feel free to take a listen and give me some feedback.  If you want to be a guest, let's talk.

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Meet My Exclusive Agent

As of earlier this week, I have retained an exclusive talent agent.  You are also required to contact him if you wish to work with me on a creative endeavor.  The agency is JC William Agency, Inc. and the contact person there is Padraic Confrey.  You can reach him at 646-420-0037 or by e-mail at padraic@jcwilliamagency.com


Don't be a jerk to him either & also make sure you contact my manager, who was previously announced, as well.  Both are part of my team so show them the same consideration you'd show me.

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Meet My Manager

In a turn of events completely unforeseen to me, I have now gotten a manager for my creative pursuits.  Her name is Susan Campochiaro Confrey of CBU Management, Inc.  If you want to work with me, you need to talk to her.  She can be contacted at cbumgmt@gmail.com or by phone at 917-533-7026.  We work as a team so don't be a jerk to her if you want me to deal with you at all.  She will probably be able to ID jerk vibes better than I can.

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Site Updates

There are a lot of changes here.  I am currently with Hello Models NYC in commercial print as well as IDIOM Talent in LA for print modeling, commercial modeling and voiceover work.  Per policy, all of my deals with any agencies are non-exclusive and all future deals with other agencies or even managers (if I even need one, which is debatable) will need to be non-exclusive.  Should you wish to work with me, you will need to respect the fact that I'm an entertainment attorney & know what the contracts say.  I also don't need a babysitter but will defer to your knowledge when it doesn't concern legal matters or anyone I know personally.  Check out my new headshot, various pictures and my VO demo reel.

Finally updated a few things as well but you can read actual "news" on me/my endeavors through my blog "The Angry Redheaded Lawyer."

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I'm a Best of 2016 ProFinder on LinkedIn

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My Departure From One Way or Another Productions LLC

Today, I bid One Way or Another Productions LLC adieu.

For the past 9 years, I've learned a great many things from my colleagues and gotten an incredible opportunity to build a career in the entertainment industry as an executive and entertainment attorney that has gone further than I ever expected when I first came to New York City in 2007. It has been a constant among divorce, death, new opportunities and the various life changes we all (hopefully) experience in nearly a decade.

However, much like when a bird matures and eventually has to leave the nest, it is now time for me to leave the nest and fly on my own. This comes after I have been reduced to the role of figurehead, informed that the CEO does not “trust” me and after the CEO unilaterally removed/disabled the company's website, blog, email accounts, social media pages and altered an IMDB page for a project the majority of us had put blood, sweat and tears into over the course of many years.

Under attorney ethics rules and due to this unwarranted lack of trust, there is no longer a place for me in One Way or Another Productions LLC. I will not work as a mere figurehead and no one will play attorney under my name. I am disappointed and saddened that Thanksgiving with my family 1,000 miles away was deemed less important than an unpaid business conversation that could have awaited my return to New York City and never took place subsequent to Thanksgiving. I am angered that I have been cut out of legal matters concerning “my” company and that the CEO decided to improperly play attorney instead of properly delegating legal matters to me, particularly where my involvement would have saved all concerned significant time, money, stress and other expenses.

Where there is no trust, you have nothing. As there is nothing, it is now time for me to take the skills and lessons I have learned during my tenure and fly freely. I hope my colleagues will take a lesson, treat future attorneys with more respect and find happiness personally as well as professionally.

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See my Latest Review on "Karma," the debut fashion show of Ahmani Croom Productions

Go read it here: http://www.theangryredheadedlawyer.com/2016/06/the-surreal-adventures-of-angry.html?m=1

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Alienated is Now Available in the iTunes Store

Go see my company's latest movie "Alienated" here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/alienated/id1079734112

Look for my name in the credits as Production Executive.  Big thanks to Gravitas Ventures for the VOD exposure, demand and such.  We've also been reviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, The Boston Globe and elsewhere.  Check out the movie's IMBD page and website as well.

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See my Review of "Embodi(ed)" by Girl Be Heard, a great organization confronting issues affecting women & girls head on


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Check Out Pasha Law, PC

Take a look at the website: http://www.pashalaw.com/home/

If you are interested or want to check them out, feel free to contact them or me.  They, like me, are not typical & have a team that really cares about serving the client in an affordable along with effective and efficent manner.

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Named to Committee of the New Lawyers Council at NYC Bar Association

I was really shocked to get this since I've not typically applied for things before & figured I'd be way too renegade for the sensibilites of City Bar, a very stuffy place (a former President even told me they were a stuffy place).  We'll see if anyone listens to my ideas but it's prestige just the same.  I do have ideas & perhaps my sanity can manage it.  Still going through the shit (most of us are but I'm referring to the special circumstances you can read about in my blog).

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Look Magazine Feature

Check out the article I was in.  I had my own section with my pic attached, in fact.

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=416236821846714&set=pb.319439438193120.-2207520000.1395771018.&type=3&theater (page 1)

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=416236905180039&set=pb.319439438193120.-2207520000.1395771018.&type=3&theater (page 2)

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I'm a Contributor for Woman Around Town

Lately, among my many adventures I've been for a blog called Woman Around Town (www.womanaroundtown.com).  Most recently, I did a review on a show called "Cocktales-Confessions of a Nymphomaniac." 

You can read it here: www.womanaroundtown.com/sections/playing-around/tjasa-fermes-cocktales-confessions-of-a-nymphomaniac-great-adult-fun

I've also done a couple other pieces for this site so feel free to check it out.  I'm honored to be doing it considering they have won press awards + have professional journalists on their team whereas I have no formal journalism training to speak of.

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My Modeling Debut

While going to an event for my film company, I met a legitimate designer who wanted to have me model in her show.  So began my modeling career.  It was certainly something I'd wanted to do but with all the scams running rampant, I figured I would never be able to do it.  Plus, I happen to be 5'6 though I have an unusual & distinct look that no one else really has (if you find my twin, let me know so we can conspire against folks).  I do also happen to be quite thin & look taller because of it (even going into 9th grade, a neighbor thought I was 5'8 because of how thin I am; today I'm a dress size smaller).

The great thing is, it did happen & I got my modeling debut on May 22nd.  It was a lot of fun, a liberating experience (see my pictures from it & you'll understand why I say that) & I would totally do it again.  My feet are more used to high heels than they've been in years and as a girly girl, it was my dream to get a job where I got to wear nice stuff all day & had to keep it nice (meaning I'd never have to do anything too physically demanding or the outfit would be damaged).

Oh, and 2 things to remember: 1. Modeling is not as easy as it looks & 2. You can't do it properly if you don't have the right mindset (in other words, you can't be holding on to any notions of being an "ugly ducking" if you are going out on the runway; you have to think of yourself as a swan if you want to BE a swan).

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My First Interview

So if you go here to the blog of the lovely & talented Cognac Wellerlane of Cognac's Corner Magazine, you can see me being interviewed. I appear at 8:17 or so.

You may want to watch Lindsay Lowe's interview before that though, since she's just totally awesome.  She also is better at this than me; I'm a mere novice & when I don't know something, I opt to keep my mouth shut instead of making mistakes.  This is also being published elsewhere later on but it did happen so you might want to see how I am on camera, scary as that may be.

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Article in the New York County Lawyer - Creating a Social Media Image that is Professional Without Removing Your Identity

See it here: http://www.nycla.org/siteFiles/Publications/Publications1574_0.pdf

You'll find it on page 12.

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I Got Subcommittee Chair of Entertainment & Media at NYCLA!!!

I'm now Subcommittee Chair of Entertainment & Media for eMIPS at the New York County Lawyer's Association (NYCLA)!  I was shocked as hell to get it but I do have plans.  Keep looking for my first event; it promises to be epic.

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New York County Lawyer: Book Review of "Hello Kitty Must Die"

Go here: http://www.nycla.org/siteFiles/Publications/Publications1568_0.pdf

You'll find it on page 14.

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To NOT Have Children: Being Childfree by Choice

Since a Ms. JD author posted an article on how great being a mother was, I felt the other side deserved equal time.

Read it here: http://ms-jd.org/not-have-children-being-childfree-choice

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Slate.com Essay on Why I'm Childfree

Go here to read it:  http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2012/06/13/choosing_to_be_child_free_tubes_tied_at_26.html

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Self-Segretation & Why It's a Bad Thing Re-posted on "The Girl's Guide to Law School"

Read it here: http://thegirlsguidetolawschool.com/02/self-segregation-and-why-its-a-bad-thing/

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My Business Partner Mentions Some of Us in This Interview

My business partner mentions us in this interview with The Independent Critic.  Go here to see it: http://www.theindependentcritic.com/princeton_holt_interview

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Check out my Channel on Mobli.com

Just did my first video on Mobli.  Check it out (http://www.mobli.com/angryredheadlaw/605755/first-rant-religion-or-lack-of-in-politics) & let me know your thoughts.  If you claim to be better, though, you'll have to put your $ where your mouth is and prove it.  Being an anonymous prick won't work here.

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Check out my Subway Art Blog Post

Finally, FINALLY found something worthy for that blog.  Sadly, I didn't get to live in NYC until '07 but I defintely have seen change just living in my neighborhood now vs. when I first moved here.  Plus I think the scariness is part of NYC's character.  It never deterred me from wanting to live here considering I'd rather die young & be happy than live to be 90 someplace "safe" & be miserable the whole time.

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My Blog is Now on ABA's Blawg Roll

Who'd belive that the ABA would list MY blog?  After all, people tell me it's funny.  I know lawyers aren't allowed to be funny or have a personality.  They'll revoke your license for that! (half joking sarcasm)  Seriously, though I'm not exactly an ABA supporter though I'm not an ABA hater either.  The blog also isn't self-important, pretensious or anything fitting the traditional lawyer stereotype.  Really thought the ABA was all about that & would never dare include an outsider type like myself.  Who knew?

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My Blog's Now Listed on Kindle!!

It's my blog on Kindle!  Let's see if I get any more readers b/c of it.  You can always see it for free on the link but thought I'd try to get an audience anyway.

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Singing Samples

I could only get 3 up there but I do have a very diverse range (though I have no idea what my precise vocal category is since I was told I was alto & then had a music producer say I should be singing higher ranges).  If you want more, just send a message & I'll send/make more depending on style you're seeking.

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My Blog's First Press Coverage!!!

After checking my official attorney e-mail, I see this story & figured out why I had a bunch of page views last Wednesday + Thursday.  Avvo linked to it on their blog!!!  It's attempting to be the definitive attorney listing directory & considering I'd heard of it before claiming my account, they're not doing a bad job there.

If I learned that attorneys who are not friends of mine or sick of the same nonsense I am actually like my blog, though (say BigLaw folk), I'd be in total shock.  I never even linked my blog to Avvo since I figured it would be offensive to the typical attorney, an archetype I constantly denigrate & find myself completely befuddled by.  Most of my positive feedback has been from the entertainment community considering I have a first hand view on the craziness that goes on there & am trying to spare my colleagues some of the stupidity I see being carried out by folk who need to learn better if they want to get anywhere. 

People in the entertainment community also, per capita, tend to have a sense of humor while I don't feel like it exists w/attorneys.  If it became some go to resource in the entertainment community (even though it's really about my rants & viewpoints on tons of topics), I'd be thrilled.  Just figured it would be a cold day in Hell before anyone in the legal community would think to embrace me or my work.

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Acting/Writing/Singing Work Policies

Okay, a few things to keep in mind if you wish to utilize one of those talents:

A) I've been singing since I was a small child.  I've got an advanced level degree and I did some years of acting along with some acting training in NYC.  I have a lot of stage experience and you'll find that people who have worked with me will say glowing things about my abilities.  I'm also largely self-taught on this stuff, mostly due to being too poor for training.

B) I have bills to pay & so forth.  Did you know that when you don't offer travel reimbursement to someone, they are essentially paying YOU to participate in something?

C) I get paid to write.  I have also performed in shows where people paid to see my performance.  No one booed or gave me negative feedback on this.

D) I'm working as an industry professional.  I can not do graphic sex scenes or porno as I still wish to be taken seriously when I have to be Production Executive, legal counsel or whatever behind the scenes work I might be doing.  Now, we can have discussions but unless you're paying me enough to cover the loss of my legal licenses, professional reputation, family members and so forth then don't expect me to do nude scenes or anything that could put those licenses in jeopardy.

Unless you have a pre-existing relationship with me or I happen to like you or your project that much, do not expect a freebie from me.  Most definitely, do not expect me to pay to work for you.  If you'll pay for my travel & want me to work for free (as in, not deferred pay), I suggest you provide some compelling arguments that will motivate me that it will be worth my while + you operate w/some level of professionalism.

Now don't get me wrong: I love being on stage & I love performing.  To an extent, I understand dues paying.  If you'll pay me to be an extra and I get basic human respect in a professional atmosphere, that's cool.  Backup singing in the same type of atmosphere, no problem.  I'm certainly not a diva & I won't pester you to make me a star.

But...if we've been working together a long time, I've proven myself time & again and I'm STILL in the background, that's a different story.

Most importantly, I'm not trying to be the next Angelina Jolie, get stalkers or compromise my personal principles.  I've already had to deal with stalking without being famous.  Working on one's own also lends itself to having a high standard of what one will put up with and what one will not tolerate.  Sexually harass me & you'll get hurt; if you cross the line, I'll tell you.

I'll take opportunity if it comes but these facts are firm.  If you have questions, just ask.

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Legal Representation

So you may be wondering if I can represent you in a legal matter since I’m a lawyer. Here’s the answer:

I am licensed in NY & CT so yes, under the law I can technically help you. This doesn’t speak to my abilities and willingness to help, however.

If you have a legal issue in the film world, probably. If the issue doesn’t involve me representing you in court, holding money in a trust account or securities, chances are I’ll be able to do it. I am not the sort of lawyer who hides away to work in solitude or thinks you are stupid.

At the same time, I will not represent people who think they know better than me or who demand me to violate state ethics rules. I insist on professional respect and have had ex-clients behave this way before. It was not appreciated & will not be tolerated.

I also DO NOT work for free. I expect to get paid just like anybody else & do charge within market rates for my years of experience/expertise. I also will not do the work if you do not provide me the funds to get it done. Lawyers can’t legally pay your court filing fees, your fax costs, none of that. Even if we are best buddies, a lawyer can get in serious trouble under ethics rules just for lending you money to get a cup of coffee.

Appearances/per diem for other law firms and attorneys is perfectly fine so long as you tell me what needs to be done, you treat me with human being respect and you pay me promptly with good checks.  I've been doing that for over 2 years now; contact me privately for experience and rates.

You will also not move me with your sad, tragic poverty story. I have my own financial troubles and I bet you ARE NOT paying six figure loan debts to practice your field. I do not have the means to get an office, a business phone line or anything associated with a law firm. I also do not wish to be a solo practitioner, which is why I consider myself a freelancing attorney. Considering the new lawyer job market, the time for sympathy from new attorneys is long gone.

That being said, if you can impress upon me that you are not a time waster, a freeloader or any number of things lawyers do not want in a client then we can talk. Just as creatives base their estimations of people on personality, I do the same with potential legal clients.

What I Will Do:

  • Contracts/writing forms/drafting paperwork
  • Translate legalese
  • Write persuasive business correspondence
  • Make phone calls
  • Generally be your enforcer/pit bull

What I Will NOT Do:

  • Represent you in a court of law (litigation can take a long time & doesn’t account for personal schedules)
  • Hold money for you in a trust account (requires me to do something far out of the norm for what I typically do)
  • Handle a matter I’m not competent to take &/or lie to you about my competency in an issue (if you hire me regardless of this, be ready to deal with it)
  • Be treated with disrespect or ignored when I say things in the course of representation (this means no lawyer will ever be good enough)
  • Pay out of pocket for your expenses, even if you say you’ll pay me back (I’ve been down that road before & I’m not running up a tab for you)
  • Work on contingency or pro bono (try legal aid if you need this)

Hopefully, this will save you and me the time and headache associated with hiring legal counsel. Lawyers have to pay professional licensing fees/costs to practice and the field is heavily regulated. You will not make any friends by expecting freebies or acting like legal services should be dispensed by Wal-Mart employees.

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