Okay, a few things to keep in mind if you wish to utilize one of those talents:

A) I've been singing since I was a small child.  I've got an advanced level degree and I did some years of acting along with some acting training in NYC.  I have a lot of stage experience and you'll find that people who have worked with me will say glowing things about my abilities.  I'm also largely self-taught on this stuff, mostly due to being too poor for training.

B) I have bills to pay & so forth.  Did you know that when you don't offer travel reimbursement to someone, they are essentially paying YOU to participate in something?

C) I get paid to write.  I have also performed in shows where people paid to see my performance.  No one booed or gave me negative feedback on this.

D) I'm working as an industry professional.  I can not do graphic sex scenes or porno as I still wish to be taken seriously when I have to be Production Executive, legal counsel or whatever behind the scenes work I might be doing.  Now, we can have discussions but unless you're paying me enough to cover the loss of my legal licenses, professional reputation, family members and so forth then don't expect me to do nude scenes or anything that could put those licenses in jeopardy.

Unless you have a pre-existing relationship with me or I happen to like you or your project that much, do not expect a freebie from me.  Most definitely, do not expect me to pay to work for you.  If you'll pay for my travel & want me to work for free (as in, not deferred pay), I suggest you provide some compelling arguments that will motivate me that it will be worth my while + you operate w/some level of professionalism.

Now don't get me wrong: I love being on stage & I love performing.  To an extent, I understand dues paying.  If you'll pay me to be an extra and I get basic human respect in a professional atmosphere, that's cool.  Backup singing in the same type of atmosphere, no problem.  I'm certainly not a diva & I won't pester you to make me a star.

But...if we've been working together a long time, I've proven myself time & again and I'm STILL in the background, that's a different story.

Most importantly, I'm not trying to be the next Angelina Jolie, get stalkers or compromise my personal principles.  I've already had to deal with stalking without being famous.  Working on one's own also lends itself to having a high standard of what one will put up with and what one will not tolerate.  Sexually harass me & you'll get hurt; if you cross the line, I'll tell you.

I'll take opportunity if it comes but these facts are firm.  If you have questions, just ask.