While going to an event for my film company, I met a legitimate designer who wanted to have me model in her show.  So began my modeling career.  It was certainly something I'd wanted to do but with all the scams running rampant, I figured I would never be able to do it.  Plus, I happen to be 5'6 though I have an unusual & distinct look that no one else really has (if you find my twin, let me know so we can conspire against folks).  I do also happen to be quite thin & look taller because of it (even going into 9th grade, a neighbor thought I was 5'8 because of how thin I am; today I'm a dress size smaller).

The great thing is, it did happen & I got my modeling debut on May 22nd.  It was a lot of fun, a liberating experience (see my pictures from it & you'll understand why I say that) & I would totally do it again.  My feet are more used to high heels than they've been in years and as a girly girl, it was my dream to get a job where I got to wear nice stuff all day & had to keep it nice (meaning I'd never have to do anything too physically demanding or the outfit would be damaged).

Oh, and 2 things to remember: 1. Modeling is not as easy as it looks & 2. You can't do it properly if you don't have the right mindset (in other words, you can't be holding on to any notions of being an "ugly ducking" if you are going out on the runway; you have to think of yourself as a swan if you want to BE a swan).