After checking my official attorney e-mail, I see this story & figured out why I had a bunch of page views last Wednesday + Thursday.  Avvo linked to it on their blog!!!  It's attempting to be the definitive attorney listing directory & considering I'd heard of it before claiming my account, they're not doing a bad job there.

If I learned that attorneys who are not friends of mine or sick of the same nonsense I am actually like my blog, though (say BigLaw folk), I'd be in total shock.  I never even linked my blog to Avvo since I figured it would be offensive to the typical attorney, an archetype I constantly denigrate & find myself completely befuddled by.  Most of my positive feedback has been from the entertainment community considering I have a first hand view on the craziness that goes on there & am trying to spare my colleagues some of the stupidity I see being carried out by folk who need to learn better if they want to get anywhere. 

People in the entertainment community also, per capita, tend to have a sense of humor while I don't feel like it exists w/attorneys.  If it became some go to resource in the entertainment community (even though it's really about my rants & viewpoints on tons of topics), I'd be thrilled.  Just figured it would be a cold day in Hell before anyone in the legal community would think to embrace me or my work.