Licensed Attorney

I’m licensed in NY, CT, SDNY and EDNY, mostly handling entertainment law in the indie film realm but I do know a thing or two about contracts, corporate law, communications law, bankruptcy, family law & am willing to learn new things. I’ll also be the middleman if needed for meetings with entertainment folk as long as you convince me you’ve got something of quality & won’t be wasting people’s time.

But…I will NOT be your manager or look for people to pitch your project to.  First, I don’t have time to find potential buyers/producers/production companies for you; I also won’t damage relationships or potential relationships if I don’t believe the effort would be worthwhile for all concerned.  Second, I have my own creative background to promote & deal with so I’m really not interested in promoting someone who isn’t related to me or a very close friend.


I have been acting since high school, participating in one theater competition & generally being darn good at it by all accounts.  I’m out of the extra/background world for business reasons (remember, I’m a former film exec & entertainment attorney w/a very distinct look) and because I have now gotten all that I needed from doing it for strangers.


Need a sophisticated but firm letter? Want to get someone to do something YOU want done? I can do that & then some but it is going to cost you. My business letters have been created for over $200. I can also write a killer resume/cover letter from the perspective of an interviewer & someone working in a highly competitive industry but again, that’s going to cost you.  Oh, and I’m a published writer considering I wrote that essay which was published on the XX Factor blog as well as enough items to need a separate writing resume.

I also have my own blog called “The Angry Redheaded Lawyer,” ( where you can read more of my writing should you not be fortunate enough to be approved as a Facebook friend & get to read my status updates (which various business contacts and friends think are “funny”).


I’ve been singing since I was about 6 years old. Hear the audio samples to get an idea of my range.  It’s pretty diverse though I couldn’t tell you my octave range or if I’m an Alto or a Soprano. However, I can sing things like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston songs without making everyone cover their ears & flee in terror.


Bear in mind this notion: professionalism begets professionalism.

That means if you want people to be reliable, trustworthy, on their game then you need to be doing the same.  If you aren’t, then you don’t get to complain about other people’s lack of professionalism.

Absoultely no nudity of any sort (since I want to KEEP my law licenses) & don’t want to find myself in an adult magazine spread I never consented to.  If you ask me to lose weight, I will laugh very loudly at you.  I happen to get lots of compliments on my figure & have a tendency to lose weight vs. gaining it.  Seems I’ve got that Heather Locklear gene where a woman can eat what she wants & never gain any weight.

Yes, I’m a natural redhead so I’m not coloring it.  I will laugh loudly if you ask me to do that & probably think you are a fake.